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Tribute to families, friends and victims of addiction.

This piece is a tribute to my brother who died of an overdose several years ago.
While compiling the code and adjusting colors, I realized that this message was for everyone and transcended words. Perhaps the power of digital communications may someday evolve beyond our reliance on screens. The simple javascript code for this work is generative in the sense that the screen activity is always changing. Since this exists as a webpage, it can be projected, displayed, or viewed anywhere.

Journey 1: video sketches for display and projection

We are all deeply connected to nature, regardless of whether or not we choose to embrace its wonder. My home is in a town along the lower Connecticut River and ten miles from where the river enters into Long Island Sound. The environment in this region is rich and varied with wildlife.

I have been creating videos and still photographs of animals and insects from nature and my project entails advancing work in that vein. The sample videos on this page and photographs from elsewhere on this site represent my fascination with the natural world. The videos utilize simple techniques and allow for the viewer to provide their own narrative for the imagery.

Above is a video work dedicated to the turtle, a humble creature that dates to prehistoric times. In addition to the video sample above, there are two more videos below that are from the same body of work.

Journey 2: video sketches for display and projection.      

I live in the woods and see various creatures of nature everyday. One night, a tree frog decided to climb up a window at my home. The tempo of the video has been changed to allow for contemplation of this encounter. A change of thought was introduced by reversing the image. This suggests a duality, a binary outlook. Do we travel through nature or in nature?

This work was projected outdoors as part of “Open Air: An Outdoor Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation Art at UConn Avery Point”. Additional information on the show can be found at https://openair2020.art.uconn.edu/.



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Journey 3: video sketches for display and projection

Work in progress dedicated to the red-tail hawk that cries in the wind.


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Contact | 860.  581.  0825. | cpdesign@snet.net | ◑

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